Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ Plus User Manual (Verizon Wireless)

Get straight to every important thing on the device by reading this Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ user manual. It’s a life hack to learn about the device in a short time.

Kyocera DuraXV Extreme Plus Manual

The Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ is an amazing extreme gadget to have for all outdoor folks. Comes with a bunch of support features for your out-of-ordinary activities. It’s such a regret if you’re not utilizing the features at max.

Fortunately, the device has its supported document on the box to fulfill your inquiries and curiosity. The user manual, a document often ignored, is very useful and informative for a new user.

This article review gives you a little sneak peek at the document. Not all covered, but you’ll still have a big idea about it even with only a glimpse of it. Let’s take a look for a brief explanation of the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+.

Download User Manual

Before you walk through this summary, I suggest you have the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ Plus user manual downloaded to your device. This is like a mandatory step to process all the knowledge entirely.

➡️ Download Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ User Manual (PDF)

Get Started

Where to start to utilize the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ Plus phone? Don’t worry; this first chapter got your back. Once you’ve flipped the page, you will see the Phone’s overview and key functions section to get familiar with the device’s appearance.

That’s not all. The next thing is the configurations sections. These are all divided into two subchapters. First, how to set up your Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ Plus from the information about the battery and the cards.

Phone Basics

Next, the basic information about the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ Plus will be shown right in this chapter. The first knowledge taught in this chapter is about the Phone’s home screen. The overview of the screen includes the status and notification bar.

Scrolling down the page, you will find instructions about navigating the Phone’s menu and entering the text with the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ Plus phone. It’s useful for those of you who weren’t a physical keypad user before.

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Phone Calls

What’s discussed in this Phone Calls chapter is about the guides of calling—of course, right? The Phone becomes an essential feature on every Phone, and you can do this with the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ Plus. It’s alright to not know first about how to do it on a flip phone because this chapter will tell you completely about it.

Apps and Entertainment

We can’t separate our life with some entertaining apps. Although the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ Plus is a rugged phone, you can still get a bunch of those kinds of apps. The apps range from My Verizon, Verizon Cloud, Music Player, File Manager, and Sound Recorder.


The next chapter refers to all the information about connectivity. At first, it will inform you of Wi-Fi connectivity; after that, you will be full of Bluetooth knowledge. Moving into the next part, you will find other connectivity like VPN (Virtual Private Network), Browser, Tethering, and Mobile Hotspot.


Despite being a rugged phone, the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ Plus still gives you many useful apps that we’ve always found in most phones; Camera. If you’re unfamiliar with the camera in this phone, no worries; this chapter will inform you of everything with thorough tutorials.

Business Tools

Make your business convenient with some Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ Plus phone tools. This chapter shows you all the features for you. It starts with the Push to Talk+, FieldForce Manager, Device Control, and Carkit Power On and Off.

The sneak peek of the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme+ Plus user manual is finished to talk about in this article. There is still a lot to see inside, which can be obtained by reading the whole document. Feel free to download the PDF version of the user manual with the link above.