Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (T307U) User Manual

Reading the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 user manual will help you utilize this device in optimum settings. Find out about the information overview here!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 User Manual

Samsung tablets are quite competitive compared to competitors such as Apple. The Galaxy Tab A 8.4 will offer you excellent performance. However, if you do not know about optimizing its settings, this device will not run properly.

Therefore, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 user manual is an essential item. You may want to set your tablet in a specific condition. Without the manual, you will be left confused.

Learning the user manual will provide you with sufficient preparation before you operate this tablet. Knowing the full functions should equip you with a productivity boost.

We will provide you with a bit of the Galaxy Tab A 8.4 guidebook. That way, you can grasp its importance. You should learn the details so that you can use your tablet correctly.

Getting Started

The user manual will teach you how to assemble the tablet. You will learn about inserting SIM and memory. You will also find out about the charging mechanism.

For new tablet users, you should pay attention to this part closely. Incorrect assembly will prevent your Galaxy Tab A 8.4 to turn on.

You can admire the cool design of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 from the following picture below:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 Layout
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 Layout

Using the Device

Once you have understood the preparation necessary, you can begin to press the power button and start using the device. But, it is always better to prepare yourself. So, reading the manual first will ensure that you correctly use your Galaxy Tab.

The manual will teach you how to manage your accounts. It is an essential step so that your Tab can function as intended.

Then, the user manual will discuss other fundamental settings. For example, it will tell you information about tablet navigation, face recognition, biometrics, home screen, and so on.

Digital Wellbeing

One of the features included in the Galaxy Tab A 8.4 is digital wellbeing. This feature is going to monitor your device usage.

It is useful stats. You can determine if you are having a good habit or spending too much time on the device. To understand more about it, you can find the info in the manual.

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Customizing Home Screen

An organized tablet home screen is something that will help to save time. Searching for a particular app or widget can be time-consuming if your screen is messy.

The settings will help you to personalize the inner appearance of your well-designed device. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 user manual will help you to change the device’s preference.

The user manual will teach you about the home screen, status bar, notification panel, widget, and many more. There is no reason to avoid the manual!


The Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 offers you an excellent camera.  It can shoot pictures and record videos of the highest quality. But, this feature will not perform well if the user has no idea how to operate it.

To become a good tablet owner, you must learn about it from the user manual. The guidebook will teach you about shooting mode and advanced camera settings.


The Galaxy Tab A 8.4 has a lot of useful apps. Not all people know how to manage these apps. The user manual will save you a lot of trouble controlling them.

The user manual will explain how to install or uninstall an app. You can also learn about disabling a specific app that you do not want. Then it will provide you with more explanations related to Google, Carrier, and Microsoft apps.


Personalizing the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 is not difficult. The methods to change the settings are all present in the user manual. All you need to do is read the guide carefully.

Find out about the display, security, notification, and other various basic settings in the manual. Just follow the step by step instruction. Then, your device will run amazingly.

Download User Manual

If you are looking for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 user manual, then you are in luck. We provide you with a download link to the pdf file. You can study the digital guide book so that you can solve your problems. Save it on your device so that you can always be ready at any time.

Download: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 User Manual (PDF)