Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G User Manual

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G user manual will help you to take this phone’s performance through the roof. The best smartphone can get even better!

Galaxy S21 Plus 5G User Manual

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G is the pinnacle of smartphones. It stands high above other devices. The hardware capability and the software versatility set a new standard for the industry.

For those of you who just bought it, You may not be able to contain your excitement. Most people will jump right in without reading the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G user manual first.

That may not be wise, especially if you are new to smartphones. This device comes with functionalities that may be foreign to a lot of people.

The user manual is a reliable source of information to learn about this device’s characteristics. This article will provide you with a broad insight into the manual. You will understand how essential a guidebook is.

Set Up Your Device

The user manual will provide you with complete information regarding this device’s initial setup. Before you can enjoy Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G, you need to figure out the components first.

Find out how to insert the SIM and memory card into this swift and fluid device. You can also learn about wireless charging. It is a unique feature that may not be available on most phones.

Start Using Your Device

The next part of the manual will help you to figure out the phone’s basics capabilities. You can read about the setup wizard, transfer data from your old phone, and account management.

You will also be able to learn about the phone side key settings and the device’s lock. These essential features may not be interesting to tweak. However, they are very significant to tinker so that your smartphone runs flawlessly.

Navigation and Home Screen

After finishing the initial setup, you will be able to enjoy your new Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G to its fullest potential. The user manual will teach you how to navigate inside the phone’s inner interior.

It will prepare you so that you do not fumble around trying to use this high-tech device, Familiarize yourself with all the gestures functions. The manual will also provide you with information regarding Home Screen customization.

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Biometric Security

Preventing unwanted people from accessing your sensitive data is very urgent. This smart device provides you with a set of biometric security features. Instead of memorizing complicated passwords, you can use your body to lock the phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G user manual will guide you to use the face recognition feature. It will also teach you how to manage a fingerprint database. These features are very convenient compared to traditional numerical or alphabet passwords.


The Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G comes with a massive camera capability. It has a whopping 64MP sensor that can capture any moments in a picture or video.

The user manual will provide you with the camera settings guide so that you can get quality pictures. Find out how to adjust the shooting mode, Augmented Reality mode, night mode, pro video, slow-mo, hyper-lapse, and a lot more!


This particular Samsung product comes with advanced processing capability. You will be able to run most, if not all, the latest Android apps smoothly thanks to the superior chipset.

This device comes with various built-in apps that will be helpful for daily necessities. The user manual will teach you how to efficiently manage and utilize the Google apps, Samsung apps, and Microsoft apps.


The heart of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G lies within the settings. All of the phone’s main features are adjustable. You can tweak them to your liking so that your brand new phone can perform well above your expectation.

The user manual will provide you with easy-to-follow information regarding the settings. You can learn how to manage and tweak the internet connection, sound, vibration, display, notification, device maintenance,  accounts, and many more.

Download User Manual

We provide you with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G user manual that will help you to tweak this excellent smartphone. The digital file that comes in pdf format will be convenient to read anytime and anywhere. You can save the guidebook inside your device so that you can solve any problem immediately.

Download: Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus 5G User Manual (PDF)