Cricket Debut Smart Review: Compact Yet Reliable Android Smartphone

Closely analyze an affordable smartphone with decent specs by reading this Cricket Debut Smart review. It can answer all of your curiosity.

Cricket Debut Smart Review

The Cricket Debut Smart smartphone was launched in October 2022. Recently released, this smartphone improves some features compared with its predecessors. It is aimed at casual users who want a new smartphone with decent features but a tight budget.

Comes with a simple and compact design, this phone is packed with modern functionalities. Indeed, its model has some flaws, but we can’t complain much as an entry-level smartphone.

Start feeling curious about the inside of this phone? Keep scrolling down and read this Cricket Debut Smart review to discover the pros and cons. It’s a recommended activity before buying it since you never know what you will find inside.

Key Specs

Cricket Debut Smart key specifications:

Dimensions149 x 72 x 9.7mm
OSAndroid 12
Screen size5.5-inch
Resolution720 x 1440
ProcessorMediaTek Helio A22 MT6761V
CPUQuad-core (4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery2,500mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera5MP
FeaturesFace Recognition


Cricket Debut Smart
Cricket Debut Smart

The Cricket Debut Smart design shows what we call; compactness yet is ergonomically fine. It has a dimension of 149 x 72 x 9.7mm, so it’s very comfortable to carry. This phone also manages to stay lightweight, with 160g of weight.

This phone has a simple design, but it applies an old-school layout. Nothing flashy. The bezels came thin but got thicker at the top and bottom sides. There are no buttons at the front; everything is equipped on the screen. The front camera employs on the bezels, which is quite outdated since today, most phones apply a teardrop or punch-hole design.

We notice a beautiful Green Frost color on the back with a nice texture. This color is rare, and somehow, it delivers sleek and elegant vibes. The texture protects the device from accidental slips. At the top left is a single rear camera and LED flash.


Cricket Debut Smart Display

The Cricket Debut Smart provides its users a 5.5-inch display screen to accommodate the operations. For a phone under $50, this display spec is more than enough. It packs the menu well, and moving our fingers while navigating it is also very pleasant.

The display comes with 720 x 1440 pixel resolutions and 18:9 screen ratios. At 293 PPI, the screen offers you HD+ quality. As an entry-level smartphone, it’s the best display you can get. The aspect ratio gives us a full-screen view, though.

With the naked eye, we barely saw any imperfections. Images appear with bright colors and rich details. The icons and images also have a sharp graphical output. It’s comfortable enough for day-to-day activities.

As for the phone’s brightness, the Cricket Debut Smart quality is average. We can still see clear content under the sun, but sometimes the auto-brightness makes a mistake. However, it’s not a very significant problem for us.


Cricket Debut Smart Camera

For the camera, the Cricket Debut Smart is packed with two cameras. Both of them have only 5MP resolutions. It’s quite far from our expectations – even below today’s camera standards. These two pairs couldn’t meet your expectations if you’re a photography enthusiast.

Thankfully, the back camera has some additional features to enhance the pictures. Pro Mode optimizes your photos to become more like a studio quality, and the Portrait Mode to capture a focused picture with blurrED flash also helps you to capture a brighter picture in a dark light.

The front camera also comes with a 5MP resolution. It’s not too bad, though. Even better, it has a Beauty Mode to minimize imperfections of your facial photos. A great feature for a selfie-goer.

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The internal capacity of the Cricket Debut Smart smartphone is 32GB. It’s just the right number for an entry-level smartphone. However, after all the system storage, the final number is only 22GB. At first, it seemed decent, but as time passed, this capacity was insufficient to store files or download apps.

Therefore, Cricket Debut Smart has other options to provide their users plenty of space to save more files. This is by installing an external MicroSD card into the device. It’s separately sold, so you will need extra cash to buy the card.


The Cricket Debut Smart smartphone operates on MediaTek Helio A22 MT6761V with a processing frequency of 2.0GHz. This chipset is famously known to be used by entry-level smartphones. One reason is that it supports a lightweight performance while supporting the 4G LTE technology.

This chipset performs well in delivering some basic day-to-day activities. There are noticeable lags while launching apps, and it starts showing any problem every time we open many apps simultaneously.

Comes with 3GB RAM can significantly affect the phone’s performance. Even though it seems small, it provides a temporary space for every app’s traffic operations.

However, while using Cricket Debut Smart, you should know that there is very little possibility of accessing some demanding activities. Playing any high-graphic games or accessing graphic editing will show many struggles.

Thankfully, the Cricket Debut Smart comes with Android 12. It’s the latest OS version with many improvements to prevent the device from working too hard. Besides, its useful features can also be one of the advantages.

Not only that, the user interface comes in really well. It’s simple yet modern, enough to satisfy our eyes. Their security features also have top-notch improvements. It gives users full control to manage their security and privacy.

Talking about the features, the Cricket Debut Smart isn’t equipped with a fingerprint reader for its security features. Instead, it relies on other types of security, such as a password and face recognition. We advise you to use face recognition to easily unlock the device.

The Google Assistant has also become a remarkable feature of this phone. A simple voice assistant with ‘Hey Google!’ can allow you to easily navigate to any operation, such as playing music, texting, or getting questions answered.


The Cricket Debut Smart smartphone can deliver 4G LTE network connectivity. Even though, not equipped with 5G yet. This network is quite dependable for faster and more stable networks. Not to mention, it has a wide coverage. So, you won’t miss a thing while in a remote area. Wi-Fi is also available as another network alternative.

There are two sharing connectivity options; Bluetooth and USB Type-C. Bluetooth is purposely for sharing files wirelessly and connecting to other Bluetooth devices. Meanwhile, the USB Type-C is mainly for transferring files into a computer with a cable.


The Cricket Debut Smart’s battery can be a drawback. It comes with a small 2,500mAh capacity. Unfortunately, even for an entry-level smartphone, this capacity is not decent enough to power up the device.

They claim to be reliable for up to 14 hours in talk time and 10 days in standby time. In fact, it can be far from that after all the activities you’ve been through with this phone. Charging time is also not quite impressive. It will take more than hours to fully-filled up the battery since it’s not supported by fast charging.


The Cricket Debut Smart comes with pros and cons. As the pros, It is reliable as a budget smartphone. You can see it from their system and performance specifications. Its appearance is also beautiful, it doesn’t look cheap. Meanwhile, it captures elegance really well. However, the battery size is far from enough, and its camera does not suit today’s standards.

Cricket Debut Smart Pros:

  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Android 12

Cricket Debut Smart Cons:

  • Small battery
  • Not a decent camera