Coolpad Belleza User Manual

Is this your first time using a flip phone? Then, it would be best if you spared your time to read the Coolpad Belleza user manual. This is a simple document that can save you time.

Coolpad Belleza User Manual

The flip phone didn’t ‘die’ yet. In fact, this phone still has its own fans. A flip phone is recognized as a phone that comes more simple, compact, and straight to the point. It stays focused on being a communication device; no less, no more.

However, nowadays, the flip phone has come with many advanced features. For example, it has a camera for taking pictures or recording videos. And it can be connected to the internet as well. The Coolpad Belleza flip phone is one of the real proofs.

If this is your first flip phone, the most important step you need to do before using the device is to learn about it. You can learn it by yourself – which is quite ineffective and time-consuming. Or, you can take a shortcut by learning the device with this user manual.

Download User Manual

The summary below is only a compact version of the Coolpad Belleza user manual. It doesn’t contain all the main features, but we only highlighted its most important chapters. However, if you want to get the full idea of the manual, you can download it here.

➡️ Download Coolpad Belleza User Manual (PDF)

Device Layout

From its appearance, the Coolpad Belleza definitely has a different design from most current smartphones. Learning about its layout will be very helpful in familiarizing yourself with the device’s external components. This opening chapter will discuss it thoroughly.

Charge the Battery

Even though it’s simple and easy. Charging the battery in the wrong way will have bad effects. It would shorten your battery’s life cycle, and your Coolpad Belleze will be broken sooner or later. You should read this chapter about the proper instructions to charge your battery.


You can’t do much with flip phones, especially the Coolpad Belleza. The most common communication device used is for calling with phone features. In this chapter, you will find out how to place and answer a call.


The other communication tool you can use is messages. With this, you can send or receive any messages from anyone. In this next chapter, you will learn about the messages’ features and the tutorials to utilize the features.

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The Coolpad Belleza has a rear camera. Even though we can’t put our hopes high with the camera’s quality, it is quite cool. Obviously, this camera is not built for social media’s standards, but it can be practical for any daily routine.

All about the camera can be found in this chapter. You will learn not only to see how to take a picture but also how to record a video. Yes, this phone can record any video of you.


“I was taking pictures and recording videos, but where can I see the results?” It’s all on the gallery features. Here, you can view and share your gallery’s contents. In this Gallery chapter, you will discover any information about those operations. It’s worth a look at.


Do you want to get on the internet? But, you have no idea how to access the internet network on a flip phone–especially the Coolpad Belleza’s phone? Great things. This phone is equipped with Wi-Fi technology to allow you to connect to the internet.

This specific chapter will teach you how to do that with comprehensive yet easy-to-understand instructions. You will get it in a blast.

We reach the end of the Coolpad Belleza user manual. We’re sorry we can’t give you the full information because it’s limited space. As we mentioned, you can get the full version of the manual in the Download’s chapter.