BLU F91 5G User Manual

The BLU F91 5G is the newest device entering the 5G smartphone market. Let’s read the BLU F91 5G user manual if it’s your first time having it.

BLU F91 5G User Manual

Have you noticed recently – especially in the smartphone industry, there are so many 5G smartphone options. It ranges from the cheaper one to the most expensive one. Even though 5G connectivity is still not widely available, people recognize and follow the trends by buying 5G smartphones.

The BLU F91 5G is one of the smartphones launched recently and is targeted as a mid-range smartphone. Thanks to this, it has many remarkable features and functions inside and out.

If it is your first time having a mid-range 5G smartphone, you may need adjustments to learn about the device. Thankfully, the device comes with the BLU F91 5G user manual. Indeed, it doesn’t look very pleasant. Still, we’re here to simplify those by summarizing the most important chapter of the user manual.

Download User Manual

If you don’t feel like reading this summary and would rather read the full BLU F91 5G user manual, we’ve got you covered. We provide the link to download it below. You can get the full document in a PDF so you can take the time to read the user manual.

➡️ Download BLU F91 5G User Manual (PDF)

Navigation Bar

The first chapter we will talk about is the Navigation Bar. This chapter informs you about the BLU F91 5G navigation buttons and the phone’s notification bar. It shows in understandable icons and pictures.

Call Functions

The BLU F91 5G smartphones are still concerned with basic communications media such as calling. If you have no idea how to use the Call features, this chapter is where you need to go.

This chapter has brief information about what you need to do for actions such as placing a call; see the call options and logs. You will also see the instructions regarding the Contacts feature.

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Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

The BLU F91 5G smartphone has connectivity features available. Two of those are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. This next chapter will give information about these two, complete with descriptions and instructions on how to power on and off.


The BLU F91 5G has four cameras available on the back and one at the front. These cameras are enough to capture beautiful moments in the photo or video formats. Please read this chapter if you are very excited about using their camera.

Here, you will see step-by-step information on how to open the camera, capture a picture, and record a video. Don’t worry. It’s very easy to read, and you will understand it in a snap.

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With a decent quad camera, it is better to maximize the photos features available in the BLU F91 5G. You’re allowed to view the contents and adjust the images by applying filters or editing options such as Light, Color, Pop, and Crop. You can also crop the picture’s size. Everything is well-delivered here.


As time passes, the BLU F91 5G smartphone may start having issues whether the device can’t power on, the phone is powered off by itself, or the device can’t charge. These issues are likely to happen in every device. That’s why the user manual has been well prepared for their users by providing the Troubleshooting chapter.

In this chapter, you will find common problems that might happen with a smartphone – especially with the BLU F91 5G. But thankfully, it comes with understandable instructions that you can follow before bringing the device to the service center.

That’s it. The end of the summary of the BLU F91 5G user manual. We are very sorry that we can’t provide you with all the contents. Hopefully, what we’ve highlighted in this article will give you enlightenment on how important it is to read the manual. Check the download link above.