AT&T Radiant Max User Manual

A manual can help you use your phone better. Check out this AT&T Radiant Max user manual to learn the proper way. A download link is also available.

att radiant max user manual

AT&T Radiant Max is an affordable smartphone that was released in 2020. This phone is for every consumer category due to its affordable price.

In order to maximize your phone’s functions, sometimes you have to tweak some features. However, some people may find difficulties when exploring their devices. Those who are not tech-savvy will get confused in an instant.

That is when user manuals come to the rescue. As the ultimate guide book for every phone, users need to understand their phone inside-out.

Here is a detailed summary of the AT&T Radiant Max user manual. With this guidebook, you can find all information to use your phone safely.

Getting started

This section will help you prepare your phone properly before using it. You will learn how to set up your phone. Do not forget to check out the descriptions of your phone’s primary parts.

You will also learn how to insert a SIM card and microSD. Your phone will not run well if there is a faulty process.

Battery use

One of the most important things after buying a phone is battery care. Charging your phone in the wrong way can lead to fatality.

This chapter will teach you how to charge your phone in the right way. There are also several facts about your phone’s unique characteristics regarding the battery.

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Touchscreen gestures

While the youth is familiar with touchscreen, the older generation sometimes has no idea how to use it. The touchscreen is faster than physical keyboards but you need to learn about gestures to use the features.

This chapter will teach you how to control actions with various touch gestures. You can command your phone to do things by tapping, swapping and more.

Basic operations

You will learn about your phone’s basic operations through this chapter. Besides touchscreen gestures, you need to know about your phone’s virtual keys. They have their own functions just like physical keyboards.

You can also adjust the settings in your phone to fit your preferences. If you feel that the font size is too small or too big, you can find the instructions to adjust it in this chapter.


Applications, or shortened as apps, are essential in smartphones. You cannot do anything if your apps do not work properly. This section will teach you how to find and access your apps.

There are detailed descriptions of every app that is pre-installed on your phone. Also, find out how to disable or uninstall them.

Every app usually has extra features that are hidden unless you use particular gestures. This section of AT&T Radiant Max user manual has all the information on how to do that. Do not forget to control your app permissions to control which apps have authorized access.

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Making connections

People always use their phones to communicate with their family members, friends and colleagues. This chapter will also guide you on how to make a phone call, text someone and send an email. Also, you will learn how to add your contacts, edit and even share them with other people.


Your phone has a variety of connectivity options. You need to enable some things before accessing your favorite websites or opening your social media apps.

This chapter will teach you how to connect to the internet via WiFi and transfer files between devices. File transfer is easy to do as this phone has USB Type-C and Bluetooth 5.0.

Entertainment and productivity

Your phone is not solely for communication purposes. If you get bored, you can watch videos or listen to music on your phone. Taking pictures is made easy thanks to this in-depth guide.

Moreover, there are ways to increase your productivity. You will learn how to operate useful tools such as Calculator, Calendar and navigation apps.


This chapter contains comprehensive descriptions of every menu in your Settings. There is also information about the icons along with a step-by-step guide.

Make sure to refer to this chapter when you have no idea what you are doing. A single misstep can make your phone do not work properly.

Download user manual

This summary is just a glimpse of the complete AT&T Radiant Max user manual. In order to get a thorough look at the user manual, click on the download link we have provided for you. Now, it is time for you to explore your phone on your own.

Download: AT&T Radiant Max User Manual (PDF)