ANS Artia ACK2326 User Manual (Assurance Wireless)

Educate yourself about your new, unfamiliar smartphone with the help of the ANS Artia user manual. Spare a moment to read this comprehensive document.

ANS Artia User Manual

The ANS Artia may sound a little bit alienated for you since it’s not famously known by people. Honestly, this kind of smartphone is more intimidating and maybe will take some time to figure out thoroughly. That’s why it needs to learn carefully to avoid any mistakes in the future.

Learning it by yourself may be exhausting. The best way to prevent this is by having assistance by your side to guide you through the ups and downs, the ins and outs. Let me tell you the personal assistance; a user manual.

Fortunately, there goes an ANS Artia user manual as an instructional book. It provides everything you need to know and learn when configuring the device. Meanwhile, this article comes as a summary of it.

Download User Manual

The ANS Artia user manual comes in two forms; the physical one and the digital one – which is handier for users. This summary contains a little part of the document. It just describes what each chapter is about. In the end, you still need to download the ANS Artia ACK2326 user manual on the go. Easily download the document with this link.

➡️ Download ANS Artia User Manual (PDF)


Starting the user manual by reading the introductions of some default configurations. First of all, how about we take a glimpse of the ANS Artia phone’s external layout? It captures all the functional buttons really well with each name of it.

This chapter shows comprehensible instructions about the battery, complete with useful notes. After that, there are tutorials to safely install the MicroSD card and turn it on and off the device. There is also information about the phone options, touchscreen gestures, and on-screen keyboard.

Getting Started

We can’t use the ANS Artia smartphone if it’s not properly set up, and the most essential step is making a Google account. This chapter will show you the way. Moreover, it will quickly take you on a tour of the phone’s home screens and learn about the display icons.

Next, it gives you full instructions on opening or switching between the apps, activates the sleep mode, and adjusts the volume. The tutorials on searching the phone and web and connecting the phone to a computer will also be shown here.

Phone Calls

The phone call is a mandatory feature in every phone–not smartphones. This feature is basically no different from each brand. But, that won’t hurt you to take a peek into this chapter. It has information regarding the phone calls feature on the ANS Artia smartphone.


The ANS Artia is an Android smartphone which means you’ll get some of the default pre-installed Google apps into it. This chapter is dedicatedly written to inform its users about the Google apps. Not only to describe each app but also to break down the detailed instructions.

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Need to access a browser from your ANS Artia smartphone? This is the right place. Here, you will find many resources to learn about the web. Chrome, Youtube, Wi-Fi, and Downloads come all in one chapter. Must-read, indeed!


Bluetooth isn’t only used for transferring files. But also, it can be used for connecting with other Bluetooth devices like Bluetooth headsets or speakers. If you have no idea about this capability, you need more knowledge about Bluetooth. It can be learned in this chapter.


Let’s make the ANS Artia smartphone into the device you’re comfortable with. This chapter is a full list of the features you can adjust or modify. It covers all with each description, from the network & internet, connected devices, accessibility, and security.

What do you think about this summary of the ANS Artia user manual? Have you already got the big picture of the contents? If it’s not enough, how about you scroll up to the front page and click the download link to get the full document? That will be very useful for you.